Who Am I?

Just your typical 20-Something woman learning how to navigate marriage, bondage, fetishes and the joys of Choosing Your Safeword. This blog chronicles the love life of a good girl turned bad at the hands of her new , tattooed, foul-mouthed sexy husband.

For every unasked question a woman asks about her own sex life, I’ll share with you the unfiltered first-hand account of my own, and offer my insight as best I can. All of these stories and experiences written by myself are indeed true, many of which I wouldn’t be comfortable sharing elsewhere.

I by no means claim to be a Sexpert of a Man-Goddess, but as my posts reveal, I have had experiences with my husband in ways I never thought possible (or of belonging in the bedroom in some cases). I hope to learn from my readers some tips and tricks in return for my own, and I am excited to provide a much needed safe place for men and women alike to let down their guard and share their deepest darkest secrets.

Don’t be shy! I won’t bite, unless my husband asks of course. Join me in releasing your inhibitions and our sex lives will benefit as well!

Email me at lifeofafreakywife@gmail.com